Ödåkra Tennis Club is a great tennis family for all ages. We have a wide range operations with both exercise and competitions. We work according to the motto joy, inspiration, welcoming and inclusive. We want to convey joy through playing tennis!

Ödåkra Tennis Club educates according to its own training method called Happy method. The method has four levels – red, orange, green and yellow, and aims to make it more fun and easier to learn to play tennis. The education’s common denominator is happy, the club’s official mascot, leading the player through the different levels. The method has received considerable attention in the sports circles and Ödåkra Tennis Club has been highlighted as a role model in Swedish sport. Today the Happy method is ingrained in the entire clubs activities, ranging from leadership training, tennis training for sports instructors, P.E. teachers and recreation center leader,  Tennis Recreational which is organized five weeks during the year, spontaneous training in the form of free drop in as well as the club’s own race Happy Sprint. Helsingborg’s athletic scholarship Helsingborg’s Sports Scholarships are awarded annually to encourage and reward good sports performance or other actions or events in the sport that deserves special attention. 2016 was awarded, Club Manager, Helsingborg’s Sports Scholarship for the following reasons: Ödåkra Tennis, has with great commitment and knowledge, created an association in time – modern, proactive, responsive and innovative. Ödåkra tennis has with the club relocated tennis as a sport to a whole new arena – with key words such as joy, inspiration, welcoming and inclusive – a sport for all, a club that makes the difference! ”

Recreational tennis has become a smash hit and is one of the club’s regular event during the winter holidays, summer and autumn holidays. Tennis Recreational gives youth ages 7-13 the chance to learn to play tennis with the help of the Happy method. Tennis Recreational goes on weekdays between 08:00 and 12:00 and each day between 28 and 38 children attend. All children receive breakfast and a participation diploma.

Happy Sprint is one of Sweden’s first outdoor tournament on red, orange, green and yellow level. A family adventure with side activities such as Happyland, mini tennis, serve gauges, music and good food. The days ends with Happy and the participants in a joint ceremony where all participants receive a price.

Ödåkra Tennis Club has developed a tennis training for sports instructors, P.E. Teachers and recreation center leader. More than 40 individuals from 16 schools and leisure centers have been trained and the training includes tennis racquets, balls and nets that the students are allowed to bring back to their schools.  The fact that we have managed to get schools in Helsingborg to offer tennis in some form to their students, even if it only gets the breaks, at leisure or on the school schedule is historic.

We offer free drop-in-training for youth up to 19 years. Drop in turn partly to the target group of young people who today ends with the sport to a greater extent than previously and the presentation is based on the ”try” without membership requirements and performance. We have equipment for all. Ödåkra is also an area with various social challenges that require new approaches to attract young people. Drop in is one of these ways! Constructions of tennis courts in red and orange level, on the back of Ödåkra Sport hall, means that we now offer drop-in opportunity daytime.

We often get the question: Who is Happy? For there is something magical about Happy. Ödåkra Tennis Club is working for the watchword joy and we are trying to convey joy in everything we do. The more tennis you learn the more enjoyable your tennis will be for you. Every time we see a player go home with a smile on his face, we know we have succeeded.

Find your joy in tennis!

Welcome to the Happy Club!

Ödåkra Tennisklubb